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UK Hosting Fast, Reliable & Secure

Hosting Fast, Reliable & Secure blazingly fast speeds for your website. We’ve got the right web hosting plan for your business

We can create an effective SEO plan for your company’s online reputation here at Euro Netstart. We can help you get solid local Google rankings by using Blogs, Social Media, PPC, Email Campaigns, and Analytics, as well as our experience.

Data Centre Security

Why we use UK-based data centres

Speed up your website, increase conversions, and improve security and SEO rankings. Paramount performance, robust reliability and staunch security are the least we expect.

If you’re interested in the tech spec, it features three 40-rack pods. Each of these is home to 34 servers, as well as two switching and four patching racks.

Data Centre Power

Introducing our superpower

You don’t have to worry about power outages with us. Thanks to our 2N power management set-up and our backup generators, 50 per cent of our facility could fail and our services would continue.

Tailored firefighting

In the unlikely event of a fire in our data centre, our INERGEN fire suppression system will kick into action. Deeply effective, it’s been specially designed for use in data centre environments.

It won’t damage hardware or infrastructure when it’s deployed. Plus, it doesn’t create toxins that are harmful to humans or the environment.

Data Centre Fire
Data Centre Security

Steely hosting security

A three-metre-tall perimeter fence, more than 25 CCTV cameras, electronic access control systems and 24/7 personnel are all part of our security arsenal.

Cooling infrastructure

We use the latest cold aisle containment technology to regulate the temperature and humidity around our servers.

Cool air is delivered to the ‘cold aisle’ through raised flooring. Servers then draw in the cool air and release it into a ‘hot aisle’ behind them where it is then recycled.

Data Centre Cooling
Data Centre Wind

Our efficiency ethic

Our data centre is powered by renewable energy, generated from hydroelectric and wind sources.

Efficiency is important to us and we’re working towards one-upping our own levels every day.

Hosting for our web clients only.

Some of our servers are located in the London Hosting Centre which is one of the UK’s best server housing environments.

Not investing in quality hosting services could cost you your rankings!. does this mean that cheap hosting is a bad venture and should be avoided? Not really, just remember, “You get what you paid for.”

We have our own face and we are not hidden behind one-man-company, but we also aren’t a company with unnecessary employees so that fact allows us to keep our prices radically lower than most for Business Grade Servers.

Many of our customers left their host companies because their technical and sales support didn’t work satisfactorily. Our highly trained technical staff is here just for you – we offer not only outstanding prices and great technical support, but we also guarantee reliability and speed due to our direct connection to Ebone, Level3 and other ISPs.

Paramount performance

Our UK based network is one of the most well connected with multiple high-speed connections providing lightning-fast access for even the most demanding web applications and services. This is what makes our web hosting one of the fastest and most reliable Solutions around!.

Switches, hubs and routers:
Our servers are on a 100/1000MBIT network that is equipped with only 3com and Cisco switches, hubs and routers.

UPS backups and generator:
APC Battery Backups supply power to all of our servers in the event of a power failure. They provide power until the backup generator has been automatically started.

Internet Security

When it comes to security, we refuse to compromise. Our data centre features totally comprehensive 24/7 security to keep your data 100% safe. This means our customers have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include visual verification of all personnel entering the building, CCTV video camera surveillance and a security breach alarm providing the control room with information.

Network Monitoring:
The network is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by experienced technicians. We are alerted if any of our servers stops responding or is not performing to our high standard.

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We’re a skilled team of digital specialists, creating the very best in online products. Our web skills include design & development, and we focus on using hand-coding HTML + CSS and or WordPress.

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